What are the Benefits of Joining A Mastermind Group?

  1. Community - You already know the value of talking through a case with a colleague, imagine being able to talk through your marketing frustrations and create solutions that increase your revenue and enjoyment of the practice of law.
  2. Accountability - Who was your favorite coach or mentor? They brought out the best in you, and you know the value of having someone on your side to keep you motivated - imagine having SIX other people helping you grow. This is why The LEGAL Mastermind is so powerful.  
  3. Referral Network - You know that feeling of pride you experience when a colleague refers a client? The LEGAL Mastermind group becomes a referral network for your specialty. How much is one client worth to you? Imagine what it would be like if all six members of your Mastermind referred just ONE client a year to you, what would that mean to your income?

Each LEGAL Mastermind group is curated to match lawyers complementary skills, abilities and goals.  We want people to connect and assist in each other's growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The phrase "Mastermind" was first coined by Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. It is the concept of two or more people meeting and working towards a common goal of increasing each other's businesses.

Throughout history this concept has been used, whether it is "council", or "cabinet" or "tribe" - the point is that people are coming together to address a common goal. 

Hill refined the idea into his Mastermind Group which focused the purpose so that each member had the opportunity to  give help and to get help, in reaching their goals. 

The LEGAL Mastermind uses groups of six lawyers, meeting to life each other's practices to the goals they establish.

A Mastermind Group meets every two weeks, for six months, with regular check ins by the members, and a "hot seat" to hash out thoughts, ideas, problems and help overcome obstacles like procrastination, fear and doubt. Together the Mastermind members help each other to reach their goals and build their practices.

Lawyers who are interested in the LEGAL Mastermind need to keep in mind that this is an investment in yourself and your practice. The lessons learned, and the connections made, will last a lifetime which is why it is called an investment. 

You have two options, the first is a one time payment of $4,997, and the second is a monthly commitment of $997 for the six months.

Think about what one new client is worth to you, and when you compare it to the investment it is either a screaming deal to join a group of people who can refer you new clients, or you're in desperate need of increasing the lifetime value of a client and need to increase your per client revenue.

Either way, joining the LEGAL Mastermind Group is the best path forward to increasing your practice and building the life you want. 



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