Become The "GO TO" Lawyer In Your Field

When it comes to growing your law practice,
being "the one to call" means more, and better, clients.
Celebrity, and a reputation as "the one who wrote the book",
mean higher revenues. We help you become the GO TO lawyer.


Become an Author

Refine your marketing message, and become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR with a book that demonstrates your expertise and sets you apart from other attorneys.

Build Your Credibility

‚ÄčImagine your colleagues who refer to you. Now imagine them handing a potential client a copy of your book as they say,
"Call this attorney today!"

It makes their referral that much more credible - when you've "written the book" on their case.

Join Our Mastermind

The LEGAL Mastermind is an attorney curated membership.  Participants are invited to join only after an application and interview with the founder, David Pisarra, Esq.

Why Should I Join The LEGAL Mastermind?

There Are FOUR Reasons To Join Our Membership Based Mastermind:

You're more committed and devoted when you have skin in the game. 

You KNOW you'll be on the Hot Seat - so you'll get your assignments done.

The group is ALSO motivated and committed to everyone's success, and is there to encourage and support you. 

In SIX months you'll be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR with your own book to promote your practice.


Imagine the feeling of pride as you say, "I'm an author, here let me sign my book for you."

If you generate one extra client a month from your book, what would that do to your NET PROFIT? 

Think about how much time you will save with potential clients who have already read your book.

What's Included In The LEGAL Mastermind

Your Mastermind Is Limited To No More Than 6 Member Lawyers

You will have lots of opportunity for feedback and face-time. Additionally you will benefit from the following:

  • Members participate in a bi-weekly, fully interactive online video meeting
  • You will write your book over the six months while running your busy law practice
  • Each week members have a one-on-one with a business coach at their convenience
  • Each week a new business development topic will be discussed to see how it applies to your practice

We meet online bi-weekly and have a once a month in person meetup at a centrally located event space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Questions You Might Have

Each meeting one member is in the "hot seat" where they get 10 minutes to describe a particular problem or goal they are facing in their career, life or business.

For 20 minutes the rest of the group will focus on solutions devoted to that problem or concern. Each member will be in the "hot seat". The last 10 minutes are devoted to open discussion.

Members are selected based on their commitment to being successful, and willingness to receive and give positive critiques and feedback.

Yes! You will get personal attention from David Pisarra, with weekly one-on-one's plus the group meetings. This personalized attention holds you accountable, so you can focus on getting results.

Yes! You're going to write your book and have it published in six months. ‚ÄčEvery lawyer has a book in them. We want to bring it out, and give you a marketing edge over the competition. You're a unique attorney. Being an "AUTHOR" adds credibility to demonstrate HOW special an attorney you are. We will guide you through the entire process.

The Legal Mastermind is a curated membership. Participants are invited to join after an application and interview with the founder, David Pisarra, Esq.

The Legal Mastermind Group Is Now Accepting Applications

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