For many lawyers the problems of client development keep them from having an enjoyable practice. I had to reach a breaking point, and then I sat down to find a better way. Today I share how I found the clients I like to work with, and how I market our law firm to them.

Each week a group of attorneys who want to grow their firm join me for about an hour and we talk about ways to be more profitable, happier and productive.

This is an excerpt from the weekly Online LEGAL Mastermind sessions that happen on Tuesday at 2:00 pacific. If you'd like to join us, just email [email protected] for information. 


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Finding Your Ideal Client | 3 Steps To A Happier Law Practice


In this episode of the weekly Online LEGAL Mastermind, Attorney David Pisarra covers his 3 step process to  find your ideal client and then serve them the content they need. 

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